Borderlands, Brokers and Peacebuilding: War to Peace Transitions viewed from the margins.

Why are so many borderland regions, areas of insecurity, chronic poverty and environmental degradation – even after an apparently successful war to peace transition? Why do such areas seem to be largely
unaffected by progress at a global level in tackling poverty and armed conflict? Why do international donors suffer from ‘borderland blindness’ when subnational and transnational problems cannot be addressed through national policy frameworks and strategies?

These questions are the starting point for a two-year ESRC-funded research project led by SOAS University of London in collaboration with the Universities of Bath and Melbourne, CEPA, International Alert, and Martin Chautari.

The project aims to generate a better understanding of contested war to peace transitions in Nepal and Sri Lanka with a view to improving statebuilding and peacebuilding interventions in post-war contexts.